As of the 1st of June 2017 James Hutton Pressings Ltd has now become James Hutton Mouldings Ltd.

The pressings business of James Hutton Pressings has been acquired by Westley Engineering Ltd. The EPS mouldings business is still continuing under the name James Hutton Mouldings Ltd.

For enquiries related to Mouldings please visit James Hutton Mouldings site here

James Hutton Mouldings Ltd

9/11 Bordesley Green Road

Bordesley Green


B9 4TR

t: +44 (0)121 772 3970



For enquiries related to Pressings please visit Westley Engineering’s website here

Westley Engineering Ltd

120 Pritchett Street


B6 4EH

t: +44 (0)121 333 1925